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Wood Window Treatments In Florida

An increased emphasis on conservation is prompting a return to natural materials in a big way, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the field of home decor. You might have noticed that wood, long maligned, has come back in droves in the last few years. 

Companies that make wooden furniture are promoting it as an ecologically conscious business model while others are trying to find ways to shoehorn natural materials into places you wouldn’t expect them. What makes wooden window treatments stand out, however, is the fact that they’re actually part of a traditional aesthetic that’s called the state of Florida home for over a century.

Back when there was the original tourism boom in the early 20th century, many homes and vacation places were outfitted with attractive wooden window treatments. Conder the benefits that wooden window coverings and treatments could provide. 

Modern Wooden Window Treatments For Light Control

When it comes to wood window treatments in Florida, you might not immediately think of woven wood shades, yet these thoroughly modern options are starting to pop up everywhere. They’re a great choice for anybody who wants to feature the style of genuine wooden shades but would prefer to have a performance level that’s somewhere closer to sheer shades. These mimic the look and feel of wood, so few people who want to go for these kinds of treatments would at all consider them much of a compromise.

Heritance hardwood shutters are instead made from basswood or poplar. These make use of dovetail construction, which enables them to take advantage of the maximum amount of strength and provide a greater degree of performance over the long term. Since they’re available in 35 different colors, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding one that’s stained in a way that suits your home regardless of construction. 

You might even find that they block out plenty of sunlight and therefore keep your home cooler during the hottest parts of the day. Custom colors are also available, though most people should be able to find something that looks gorgeous right off of the manufacturer’s own original pallet because they’ve assembled such an inclusive collection.

NewStyle hybrid shutters combine both traditional carpenters with all of the benefits that come with composite materials. Those who’ve been looking for something that can deal with humidity and corrosion during the hottest parts of the year will certainly want to look into all of these various window treatments, but these NewStyle ones might be the best option in a number of cases.

Put Up Wood Blinds And More In A Florida Business With Reef Window Treatments

At Reef Window Treatments, we’ve certainly come across designers who opt for this traditional style, but we’ve also seen some that prefer an increasing amount of modernization in their work. Residential customers have loved these treatments, but there’s no reason that you can’t use them in your business as well. 

Any of these picks will look great in a professional office setting as well, especially if you’re already planning on swapping out the window treatments in one. There are, of course, many other ideas you could use to dress up your windows so make sure to contact us online to learn more about everything that’s on the market.

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