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Striped Window Treatments

When decorating your home, there are many details that you need to oversee, but you shouldn’t overlook the use of striped window treatments when considering your decor options.

Striped Window Treatments

Adding Order To A Room Using Striped Window Treatments

Stripes have always been a way to add a sense of organization to a room, and the look provides a crisp and clean feel to a room. According to many home interior designers, they use stripes to provide a calming and intelligent effect to rooms, which are desired for home decor.

Unlike some designs, stripes are designed to be versatile. They can be used with just about any sort of decor from Victorian, contemporary, shabby chic, or traditional.

It all depends on how you choose to use the stripe elements and where they are being used. With some designs and patterns, you can’t make them work, but stripes can be used on any surface, even if it is just striped window treatments and nothing else striped.

One of the best things about using striped window treatments is they can be narrow or wide, but they can also be effective when they have different widths throughout the decor. When most people think of stripes, they think of solid line patterns, but this is not always the case.

If you are looking for something more whimsical or busy, you could design your stripes by making them out of different objects, like small flowers or even various geometric shapes. This can sometimes be better than solid stripes because it can be easier to pull together a room’s decor theme successfully.

Stripes are very versatile. Depending on your tastes and the needs of the room’s decor, you can have the stripes be bright and bold or subdued. By simply switching to striped window treatments, you can quickly change the mood of any space. Not to mention, you can use horizontal striped window treatments to help make your room seem larger and more open.

Striped Curtains
Stripes work with any décor style.
Striped Drapes For Window
Horizontal stripes can make a room look larger.

Versatility Of Stripes

When decorating your home, if it seems like something is missing or something just isn’t falling into place, try adding striped window treatments as a finish. Stripes are excellent when you have a home where multiple tastes have to be taken into consideration.

They can work as a staple throughout the entire home to pull all of the different rooms together. For instance, by adding striped window treatments to different rooms in the home, you can provide a comfortable feel from room to room, regardless of the overall color scheme or decor in the individual rooms.

Know Where To Use Stripes

Reef Window Treatments can guide you towards exclusive home blinds and curtain rod options. Our experts know the best way to match aesthetics with light filtering.

Generating the decor of your home can be nerve-wracking, but by adding some stripes to some elements in the room, you can bring everything together. If you are looking at decorating your home and are considering striped window treatments, contact us to find out how they can best work with your overall decor.

If you are nervous about adding patterns, start with striped pillows.
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