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Striped Window Treatments

Striped Window Treatments

Stripes Are Versatile

Adding stripes to your decor is the perfect finishing touch – very similar to adding beautiful ribbons to your gift packages! Stripes complete and dress up almost any decorating plan. They are an easy way to add color without too much commitment.

Stripes are a versatile design element and go well with any décor, including contemporary, traditional, Victorian, transitional, shabby chic and mid-century. It all depends on the striped elements you select and how you use them.

The stripes can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal patterns. They can be delicate and small of bold and large. Stripes are not only for the inside either…just about any surface that will stand out with stripe designs is fair game! Floors, wallpapers, rugs – anything goes when you start adding stripes to your decorating

Striped Curtains
Stripes work with any décor style.

Striped Window Treatments Add Order To a Room

Stripes can liven a room and make it look crisp and organized. When you put stripes on the outside of a window, it breaks up the expanse and makes it look less formidable to walk into. It also adds order to other room elements because you know where everything is without even looking in detail.

Stripes give off an air of intelligence and calmness which are both desirable traits for a home interior.

Striped window treatments can be wide or narrow – or not the same width throughout. They can have clean edges or be jagged and funky. Stripes can even be made out of various objects, such as small flowers or geometric shapes. Straight-edged stripes are a good place to start if you’re afraid of the busyness of patterns.

Stripes are a very versatile style. They can be bold or subdued, depending on your taste and the room’s needs. Striped window treatments make it easy to change the mood of any space with just one simple switch!

The curtains give off an air of intelligence and calmness which are both desirable traits for a homeowner.

Striped Drapes For Window
Horizontal stripes can make a room look larger.

Where To Use Stripes

If you’re nervous about adding any patterns to your décor, gain confidence by starting small with stripes: Add elements such as striped bed linens, throw pillows, lampshades, vases or rugs. 

Consider striped window treatments too!

If you feel bolder, think about trying stripes in upholstery furniture, wall coverings, carpeting, window treatments and more. 

Create a new pattern in your life this season by adding stripes to your home décor. 

If you are nervous about adding patterns, start with striped pillows.
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Decorating with Stripes
Stripes can liven a room and make it look crisp and organized. Complete your interior decoration with compatible window treatments and enjoy your style in your home!
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