Window Treatments for French Doors


Want to Elevate Your French Doors to the Next Level? Consider These Ideas

Window treatments are popular but there are other options for making your French doors look more sophisticated. If you have a pair of French doors or a single door with a window, you can add more French elegance and refinement.

Front Door Blinds

The front door of your home is extremely important. It sets the scene for what guests can expect inside of the home. It also offers a glimpse into the kind of people that you are. You want to nail that good first impression. 

Front doors can be as eccentric or as classy as you want them to be. One popular form of the front door is the French door. It offers an almost seamless transition from inside the home to the natural world outside. The style is elegant and beloved by many.

Yet like all other doors, French doors sometimes need a bit of work to function as well as it appears. Blinds and window treatments are popular choices to cover French doors and provide additional lighting features in the home. Read on to find out why you might want to pass over traditional window treatments for another option instead.

Window Treatments for French Doors

A window treatment can be anything from a drape to silk or even velvet. Such a curtain attaches to the door or window and hangs. While they may look elegant, they aren’t always the easiest things to maintain. The fabric wears out over time, and curtain rods can break. 

French doors, especially those that are front doors, see a lot of traffic. With that continued exposure to the outside elements, the material that the treatment is made of can start to wither or become dirty. It just doesn’t function well as something to protect the window and also offer light dampening in a room.

Instead of window treatment, you might want to consider fixing your French doors with blinds or shades instead. We have specially made ones that will help filter natural light and provide an apt cover.

French Door Blinds

Let’s examine French door blinds first. These can come in a variety of materials but the best matched with a French door is wood. Some are sliding doors, while others are French door windows. 

With numerous styles and colors to choose from, you can have a field day customizing the blinds for your French door. Each one can offer a new aesthetic for the room as a whole. They also work to elevate the French door itself.

Because, in this case, the material is made of wood, it also stands up to exposure outside better than other materials. This is especially true if the blinds are treated for water and stain resistance. Wood blinds can make the French door further elegant in any room of the house.

French Door Shades

Another option to consider is roller shades. These can even sometimes be controlled with remote control. You can meld modern efficiency with traditional elegance. 

Shades also come in a variety of styles and colors. Customize your door to match the rest of the aesthetic of your house quite easily. Shades also offer the chance to become more energy efficient in that they effectively block out the sunlight from entering the home and heating it.

Design Your Door

Reef Window Treatments wants to balance practical light filtering with beautiful aesthetics. We want to ensure that when you have lovely French door windows that you can prevent sun damage to your furniture and belongings.  

While virtually any Hunter Douglas window treatment can be used on French doors, certain window coverings are better choices for these doors. To allow easy access to handles, window cranks, and levers, some products, such as Duette® and Heritance®, offer cut-outs. 

Keep in mind that the window covering is typically mounted outside of the opening, i.e., beyond the window frame, and may require extension brackets or spacer blocks for proper clearance. 

Take a look at the slideshow above for some ideas, and then contact us here at Reef Window Treatments for more information or to request a consultation.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters on a French Door.