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Room Darkening and Blackout Shades in Miami

Room Darkening and Blackout Shades

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® A Deux™ Window Shadings

Getting Light Under Control in Your Florida Home

Need to darken more light in your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly? Or reduce the glare on your television when watching a movie?

Reef Window Treatments offers a wide range of Hunter Douglas window treatments to achieve just the right amount of room darkness. While every Hunter Douglas window treatment product allows you some measure of light control, some products offer more room-darkening benefits than others.

Key considerations are fabric or material type and color. Sheer and light fabrics typically soften and filter sunlight, while darker, semi-opaque, and opaque fabrics and materials block sunlight.

Fabrics and materials designated semi-opaque (with Hunter Douglas’ Privacy & Light Control rating of ‘4’) will block incoming light and the view of incoming light and darken the room when closed.

Rotale Textured Room Darkening Blinds in Bedroom

Room Darkening Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Custom Room Darkening Shades

If you want custom window treatments to block out as much natural light from living rooms as possible, look for Hunter Douglas window treatments designated with the highest Privacy & Light Control rating of ‘5.’

These products offer ‘opaque’ fabrics and materials with maximum light-blocking qualities, but they are also uniquely designed to minimize light gaps, seams, and rout holes, as well as other window treatments such as the de-Light™ feature on many horizontal blinds from Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for optional room-darkening capacity, consider a room-darkening liner available in many of our shades. The liner can be sewn directly to the face fabric, or for ultimate flexibility, it can operate independently. 

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® A Deux™ window shadings combine a Silhouette® shading and a room-darkening roller shade in a single headrail, providing you with a wide selection of custom window treatments with three choices of light control: translucent, light-dimming, and room-darkening roller shade shades. The A Deux™ room-darkening roller shade feature is also available with our Nantucket™ window shadings.

Blackout Window Cover For Absolute Darkness in The Room

If you are looking for blackout shades in Miami, look no further! Our room darkening blinds and shades allow light to come in when opened, so you can enjoy natural light in your personal spaces, but when closed, they are simply the best blackout shades you will experience. 

Work with ease; with these cordless blackout window blinds, your computer won’t catch a glare. Reef Window Treatment’s innovative technology has managed to make cellular shades and sheers have the same capacity for light blockage as blind shades. 

Our lifting systems allow you to experience as much light as you want in your home. The shift workers in the Pirouette® Window Shadings, for example, will inundate your living room with light while closed, and you will forget about the world outside. 

You will be able to watch films with your family during the day if you so wish and enjoy in perfect detail all the elements of the movie without a distracting beam of light on the TV screen.

Best Room Darkening Shades in Florida

Some people are light sleepers, and the slightest amount of light can impair the quality of their sleep. We understand if you only want to consider the best options in the market, which is why we propose that you look at our picture gallery for your home in Florida. You will be able to see the amount of light that enters during the day when two shades are opened and how much light fails to invade your space when light-blocking shades are closed during the night.

Request a free consultation to get measurements and an installation quote according to the dimensions of your window frame.

Closed Bedroom Blinds

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ A Deux™ Window Shadings

Bedroom Darkening Blinds Miami

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ A Deux™ Window Shadings

Sleep More Soundly With Reef Window Treatments

At Reef Window Treatments, we wanted to achieve the same luxurious and fresh look of cellular shades along with the technology and mechanics of blackout shades, which is why we present to you Room Darkening shades: Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Pirouette® Window Shadings, Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum BlindsSilhouette® A Deux™, Nantucket® A Deux™, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers. Light control has never looked so sleek and beautiful.

If you are looking for more of a light-filtering technology window treatment, we recommend exploring our line of Roman Shades. You can have silhouette shades achieve a similar feel to blackout curtains and allow some light on other sides of the window treatment your room with their top-down bottom features.

Best Blackout Shades

While most Hunter Douglas windows and shades provide varying degrees of brightness, some rooms have room-darker shades offering higher benefits than others. The major factors are textile types and colors. Sheer fabrics normally soften and filter sunlight; semi-opaque fabrics provide privacy and allow some sunlight; and opaque fabrics virtually eliminate light pollution entirely. We say “a little” because this material darkens a room but does not eliminate the light, so it is not considered a blackout shade.

A Better Night’s Sleep: Hunter Douglas Blackout Shades

Sleeping can be forgotten or neglected in many cases. We pack a full day full of work, receptions, errands, and family obligations. Research shows that 35% of Americans do not receive the recommended number of hours each night, resulting in chronic sleep depletion and an increased risk of strokes. A lack of sleep inhibits the brain’s ability to prepare for the day ahead. Tell me the reason.

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Reef Window Treatments offers room darkening, blackout blinds and shades. Room darkening and blackout shades provide you perfect darkness to sleep or creating a movie atmosphere for your Miami home.

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