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Window Treatment Installations in Miami

Window Covering Measuring and Installation

When installing window treatments, like blinds or shades, experts take great care in measuring the area and optimizing the aesthetics. A consistent process prevents setbacks in any residential or commercial space. Learn what specialists do to fit window coverings properly, especially in the South Florida area.

Window Treatment Installation Process

What are the basic steps for installing a window treatment? We go through how a professional will install blinds or shades.

Window Covering Measuring and Installation

Organize Your Tools And Manufacturers’ Instructions

Every window treatment installer will arrive at a project fully prepared to add real or faux window blinds and headrails or curtain rods. In addition to measuring tape and drawing implements, a professional needs a screwdriver, ladder, drills, a stud finder, and drywall anchors.

Manuals from the manufacturer and instruction packets can also make a difference. These instructions may have detailed blueprints for assembling complicated components and recommendations. 

Pinpoint Where To Put Your Headrail Or Curtain Rod

Location is important when installing blinds. You want to know how the fabric will drape and what it will cover. The curtain rod will set the point for drapery. 

Indoors and outdoors can factor into your installation. Outdoor rails and rods need to be rugged to handle the weather. Indoor rods don’t need to be as rugged. 

Measure The Window Area

Are you going to put the shades inside or outside the house? The answer will determine what dimensions you will measure. The outdoor shades allow optimal light control, while installed blinds can contribute to interior design. 

The window frame depth and the window’s length and width will determine the shade or blind size for an inside mount covering. For outside support cover, decide which area you wish to cover. Measure the width of that area, place the headrail outside, and the length of the area from the headrail. 

Shades Installation Vs. Blinds Installation

Shades block natural light or filter it to reduce excess heat or glare. Blinds have more control, opening and closing at the owner’s discretion. 

Fortunately, installing blinds, shades, and more is pretty straightforward. Determine if you want horizontal or vertical blinds. Many window shades use the same brackets, meaning they can be interchangeable no matter the brand.

With shades, the head rail or rod will determine your success. They will also determine the amount of privacy you have when raising or lowering the fabric. 

Ensure A Perfect Fit To Your Home Windows With Reef Window Treatments

At Reef Window Treatments, we guarantee a perfect fit. Our professional installers are fully trained and will ensure your new window coverings are tailored to fit perfectly onto your windows. They are prompt, courteous, and helpful and will make the installation process seem like a simple and quick task. We can also make recommendations for innovative home brands and affordable services.

Let our experts at Reef Window Treatments take care of measuring and installing your new blinds or shades. If you are in sunny Miami, request a consultation below. Our team of experts will contact you to measure your space and inform you further about the installation process. Consider the job well done, with tips from the experts.


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