Window Treatments for Arched, Round, Half-Round and Quarter-Round Windows


One of the most common types of specialty windows, arched windows add charm and character to your home. But they can also offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to privacy, light control, and insulation. 

The team here at Reef Window Treatments can solve these challenges with a variety of window treatment options. Take a look at the slideshow above for some ideas, and then contact us for more information or to request a consultation.

Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds for an arched window.  

Quarter Circle Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows are a classic and will make any room in your house look aesthetically pleasing. Arches give spaces the feeling that the energy is flowing in the right places.

If you are familiar with Feng Shui, then you probably know that round or arched windows provoke tranquility and peace. Feng Shui is the system that hopes to achieve a favorable flow of energy depending on the orientation and placement of objects in the home. It is important to follow the rules of Feng Shui if you want to have harmonious energy in your house.

Get oval windows or arched windows for the bedroom, hallways, and recreational places to accomplish Feng Shui in your home and to receive the appropriate light filtering for your space.

Arched Shaped Windows give light a more roundness and fluidity than rectangular windows. They are more natural since its shape strives to imitate the arches found in nature.

Arched Window Decoration Ideas

The arched window came to be during the Renaissance architecture period and remains a classical, elegant option for the home today. 

You can combine the Arched Shaped Windows along with the rectangular ones. Just make sure you place the Quarter-Round Window in the center between two rectangular windows for balance. This set up will amplify the beauty of the half-round shaped window. 

You can also due a set up of three arches combined in your living room and bedroom or arrange a series of them side by side to achieve a classic look. If you are worried about too much light entering your living space explore our custom vertical blinds for arched windows. Our cellular shades will protect you from UV rays and our motorized version connects to your center hub or phone so you can control the light aperture at a touch of a button. 

If you are fond of natural light and enjoy your spaces to be flooded with light then the arched window treatment is just the right one for you. Arched Windows tend to be large in size allowing for a lot of light to enter the rooms in your house. If you have high ceilings or a big house this window treatment is likely to be a good fit.

Reef Window Treatments For Arched Windows 

At Reef Window Treatments we are determined to get the right suited window treatment for you and your home. If you are still unsure as to what window treatment to get contact us to get a consultation. Feel free to ask us anything or if you would like to give us feedback on a product, consultation or treatment. We’re here to help.

Arched Window
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