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Vintage Window Treatments

Add Personality To Your Room With Vintage Window Treatments

Even if your living spaces are decorated in a modern style, you should know that a couple of vintage elements can bring everything together. Going full retro is also a sensible option, but it can be a bit more intricate. You can get plenty of style to space with just a few vintage elements; for example, a modern living room with Victorian furniture can look great, but there should be at least one more complimentary element.

Vintage Window Treatments Look Stylish

Let’s say you are lucky enough to live in a Miami Beach building that has retained its Art Deco architectural style. In this case, it would make perfect sense for you to apply some Art Deco interior design to the living room, but you should not forget about the windows.


You can still find Art Deco furniture and decorations at specialty stores across South Florida. In addition, you can have them refreshed if they are antiques, but this rarely applies to window treatments because they invariably require new items to be installed. Instead of settling for modern blinds, you find them on the shelves of home improvement stores. You are better off with new window treatments that evoke a vintage look.

Vintage Home Design Can Bring Back Good Memories

Interior designers choose vintage styles because they look great, but many homeowners go retro because doing so reminds them of better times. If you grew up in a home that featured 1980s decor, designing your home with angular styles that favor contrast along with contrasting primary colors will elicit pleasant memories of your younger years.

Some vintage decoration schemes never go out of style. A Victorian bedroom with a vanity section with decorative mirrors and stately dressers is the epitome of femininity, which many women appreciate even though they were born centuries later. When you have such a feature in your house, it makes perfect sense to choose drapes and curtains that evoke the Victorian style.

How To Design Your Room Vintage Style Using Window Treatments

As previously mentioned, you do not want to forget about the windows when thinking about vintage decorations in select rooms. Vintage window treatments can hold up pretty well on their own, but you will want to include one more retroelement in the room; this can be artwork, furniture, or even a color scheme.

Window treatments are not hit or miss; few modern blinds, drapes, shades, and curtains are inspired by design schools from the past. You just do not want the window treatments to clash with other elements. If you are going for a mid-century American look, for example, you do not want to go heavy on prints and patterns for curtains.

Ready To Dress Up Your Vintage Windows? Find Matching Home Decor At Reef Window Treatments



At Reef Window Treatments, our experienced designers can help you with dressing up the windows of your residential or commercial spaces. With the choices, they match your vintage decoration projects. 

Contact our offices in the Florida Keys today to learn more about our products and services. Find stylish window coverings to establish for you.

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