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Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds

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Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds Vertical Blinds come in various colors and styles to match any decor. Choose from sheer, blackout, or privacy fabrics to get the perfect look for your home.

Soft, Drapery-Like Vertical Blinds

Cadence® Vertical Blinds are unique compared to most competing products because they provide UV protection from the sun. Such a feature keeps your furniture and carpets from fading in the sun.

Hunter Douglas Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds feature curved vanes, mimicking soft drapery folds that offer exceptional sound absorption, elegant styling and translucency. The patented headrail design reduces light gaps and allows smooth, trouble-free operation.

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Louver Size
3 1/2"
10" - 190"
12" - 192"

Unique Options From Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds

Why go with Hunter Cadence? You reap the following benefits:

Sound Absorption

One of the most critical features of Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds is that they absorb sound. This absorption is essential for two reasons. 

First, it helps to keep your home quiet by absorbing noise from the outside. The quiet is great for those who live in a busy area, stop barking pets, or have children who like to play loudly. 

Second, it helps to keep the heat in your home by absorbing sound from the inside. This is important during the winter when you want to keep the heat inside your home. 

UV Protection

UV protection is essential for furniture and residents because it helps to prevent fading and UV radiation. UV radiation can cause skin cancer, and fading can ruin the appearance of furniture, carpets, and other household items. By using Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds, you can help to protect your belongings from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Light Control

The blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light that comes into your home. If you are a night owl or a morning person, you can block out as much sun as you see fit. 

Vertical blinds work by hanging fabric vanes between two metal tracks. The vanes can be rotated to open and close the blind, and they can be tilted to control the amount of light that comes into the room. You can let in much light or completely block it during the day. This adjustment makes them a versatile window treatment option that any homeowner can customize to suit their needs. 

Color Choices And Stylish Window Fashions

The Cadence Vertical Blinds are also stylish and come in various colors and styles to match any decor. Color options include white, beige, light brown, dark brown, black, and grey.

The Cadence Vertical Blind styles include sheer, blackout, and privacy fabrics. How do you choose one? Sheer fabrics allow light to come into the room without blinding rays. Blackout fabrics block out all light. Privacy fabrics provide some light transmission while also blocking the view from the outside.

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Reef Window Treatment has the perfect light control and more for South Florida homes. We know how to keep your air conditioner energy efficient with optimized sunlight and beautiful shades. 

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Reef Window Treatments is your local Hunter Douglas dealer for Islamorada, FL and the surrounding areas.

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Enjoy the sumptuous appearance of soft drapery plus added operational control with Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds. With a patented headrail design, these blinds move smoothly and silently along your windows. Available at Reef Window Treatments in Islamorada, FL.

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