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How To Measure Windows For Blinds And Shades

Window treatments have been around since ancient times. Archeologists in the Egyptian Valley of the Pyramids have found pictographs and hieroglyphics depicting shutters and blinds for interior and exterior openings, so it is safe to say that we have been dressing windows since long before we began installing glass.

If we were to break window treatments down to just a few basic steps, the process would look like this:

* Initial design

* Measurements

* Fabrication or acquisition

* Adjustments

* Installation

The design stage involves making the right choices in style, dressings, hardware, appearance, and materials. The next step consists of measuring the windows so that we know the dimensions of the treatment solutions to be made.

Blinds And Shades In Miami

South Florida’s regional climate makes it an excellent market for blinds and shades. These products happen to be some of our best-selling items. Measuring the width and height for light control is important to protect interior furnishings and reduce air conditioning costs.

Our Hunter Douglas shades and blinds feature advanced materials that can help you achieve perfect illumination and high energy efficiency. Some of them can be augmented with motorized systems you can program to function at certain times. You can also control them with a smartphone app. 

Some of these blinds and shades combine nicely with sheers or curtains. Others will look perfect on their own depending on the overall interior design of the living space.

Blinds And Shades Measuring Tips

Measuring tape is the only tool you will need for this stage of the window dressing process, but having a ruler handy is recommended because you will want to be as accurate as possible. You can write down the measurements on paper, but you can also make a note of them on your smartphone.

In the design stage, you should have already decided between mounting the blinds or shades on the inside or the outside of the window frame. For the most part, shades are mounted on the inside and within the frame. 

Blinds can go either way; the advantage of outside-mounted blinds is that they can transform the overall look of interior space, and they can even make a room appear to be larger. The rule of thumb in this regard comes down to the window frames; if they are decorative, you will want to show them off with inside-mounted treatments.

Interior Window Measuring

With shades, you measure the depth from the glass pane to the edge of the window itself, not the sill. For the width, you should not expect it to be perfect, which is why you measure top, bottom, and middle in order to calculate the average. You can do the same with window blinds mounted on the inside.

Exterior Window Measuring

With blinds, you start off with the headrail at the top so that you can measure the desired length. The depth should take into consideration spacers protruding from the wall. For the width, just add the inches you want to each side of the window.

Get Help With Measuring Your Windows From Reef Window Treatment

Reef Window Treatment will assist with measuring window openings for vertical blinds or roller shades. We will provide accuracy for top, middle, and bottom frames to reach that perfect fit. 
Contact our office with any question you may have about measuring your windows for our products. If you are working on an interior makeover, one of our designers can take care of the measurements.

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