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How To Choose The Right Window Treatment Color

The Right Window Treatment Color

In order to choose the right window treatment color, you need to consider the colors that are already present in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or the room that you are working with. Notice the colors, patterns, and materials within the room and how they come into play with each other. The furniture also plays a big role in determining the right window treatment color, ideally, you want to get window treatments that match your interior décor in order to create a feeling of congruency.

At Reef Window Treatments, we offer a wide variety of color and textile choices so that you can select the color that best suits your interior. We provide fabric sampling with various colors and textures in order to accommodate the wide range of tastes and styles within our clientele. Explore our window treatments below and discover a full spectrum of color choices!

How To Match Blinds To A Room

Hunter Douglas Vignette®

The Hunter Douglas Vignette® is a modern roman shade that provides the ultimate amount of coverage and light filtering technology to get you both privacy and protection from UV rays. We have the roman shade in various colors such as turquoise, cream, gray as well as woven textiles with subtle patterns. 

Turquoise can be an excellent choice for the bathroom since the color blue is known to inspire relaxation and a calming effect. Our woven textiles are perfect for the living room or bedroom since they are minimalistic and highly adaptable to any sort of interior decoration. 

Custom Shades For Design Studio™

Our custom shades for design studios are available in over 250 timeless fabrics. Our fabrics contain luxurious patterns such as stripes and solids, as well as sophisticated textures and intricate blends of silks, cotton, linens, and synthetics that will brighten up any room you install them in. 

Window Shade Color

For a simple look, we recommend solid fabrics with almost no patterns or textures. Sheer fabrics will provide an abundance of natural light to illuminate your space giving your room a fresh and crisp look. 

If you are going for more of an eclectic or sophisticated look and enjoy playing around with colors and textures, we recommend choosing a window treatment with patterns or a solid fabric that compliments the color of your furniture. 

Most Popular Window Treatments 

Choosing window treatments is an extremely simple task with Reef Window Treatments. We have been providing window treatment solutions such as sheers, shades, and blinds and ideas so that our clients can rejoice with our carefully curated selections and high-quality materials from Hunter Douglas®.  
If you need any help finding the right color for window treatment request a consultation and our team of experts will assist you.

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How To Choose The Right Window Treatment Color
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How To Choose The Right Window Treatment Color
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