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Pet Friendly Window Treatments

Window Treatments For Homes With Pets

Have you considered window treatments for homes with pets if you have dogs or cats? Some pets may want to peek outside or rest on a windowsill. They like playing with blinds or shades, snagging on dangling cords, or warping blinds. You want to invest in material that reduces the risk of injury or damage...

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How to Use Window Treatments To Balance Sunlight At Home?

Balancing sunlight is all about having your shades or blinds drawn to the right position during different times of the day. Here in southern Florida, we’re gifted with slightly more time in terms of daily sunlight than most other areas, but letting it all into our homes at once can be extremely distracting.  You’d want...

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motorized shades

Automated Vs. Motorized Window Treatments

If you’re confused about what constitutes motorized or automated window treatments, then you’re not at all alone. Many specialists use these two terms interchangeably, even though they’re technically not the same thing. You could say that all automated window treatments are motorized but not all motorized ones are automated. Thus one has to review automated...

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Luxury Window Treatments For High-End Buildings

Would you ever put up a building that costs millions only to install cheap window treatments in every room? Of course, you wouldn’t do that, because the multimillion-dollar development would suddenly look like a very cheap structure. You want luxury window treatments for high-end buildings. Contractors and interior designers need to make sure that they’re...

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classroom window treatments

Classroom Window Treatments

Classrooms don’t need different window treatments than any other area. Chances are that statement shocks you, but when you think about it you really shouldn’t think it’s out of place. Students deserve the same high-quality window treatments that you would use in your home or office, thus they should get the same exact type of...

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5 Vintage Window Treatment Ideas In 2021

Ironically, despite their name, vintage styles will never go out of fashion. The fact that they’ve lasted around this long is a testament to how attractive they are. Doing your space over with vintage treatments can help to update your area while taking a step back in time. We took a look at the Reef...

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Wood Window Treatments In Florida

An increased emphasis on conservation is prompting a return to natural materials in a big way, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the field of home decor. You might have noticed that wood, long maligned, has come back in droves in the last few years.  Companies that make wooden furniture are promoting it...

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Coastal Window Treatment

Coastal Window Treatments for Your South Florida Home

Southern Florida offers a completely different experience from what you’ll find in the northern or central regions. Instead of dealing with the long crowds of traffic outside the amusement parks and the bright lights of the big city, you can relax in your home and enjoy the peace and quiet. You want peace and quiet,...

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Window Treatments for Commercial Buildings

Best Window Treatment Examples For Commercial Buildings

The best window treatments for commercial buildings are those that filter out UV rays and protect your valuables. Just because you are getting a window treatment for a commercial building however does not mean you shouldn’t invest in something stylish. At Reef Window Treatments, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best window treatments for your...

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Window Treatments For Small Dining Rooms

Small Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

Small dining room windows can pose obstacles when it comes to finding the perfect window treatment to accompany it. Luckily enough, at Reef Window Treatments, we have put together this guide of the best window treatments for small windows in order to help you pick out the best window treatment according to the size of...

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