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Motorized Outdoor Window Shades In Florida

Many people have said that automatic outdoor window shades are something that they never knew they had needed until they got them. Before they took the plunge, these homeowners never really thought about what they were missing. Things changed, however, and once they had motorized outdoor window shades added to their homes, they never knew...

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5 Reasons To Use Window Shades In The Bathroom

When you think of window treatments, you probably don’t think of your bathroom at all. Just like any other room in your house, however, your bathroom needs some kind of coverage and it helps if said covering is attractive as well as functional. Bathroom Window Coverings Durable moisture-resistant bathroom shades, like EverWood alternatives, are a...

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5 Things You Should Know When Buying French Door Blinds And Shades

French doors already display more sophistication compared to most other options. They’ll look even better with the right kind of window treatments. Control over sunlight, however, is going to be an issue. The first thing you need to know whenever shopping for these blinds is how much fun they’re able to block out, especially if...

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How To Measure Windows For Blinds And Shades

Window treatments have been around since ancient times. Archeologists in the Egyptian Valley of the Pyramids have found pictographs and hieroglyphics depicting shutters and blinds for interior and exterior openings, so it is safe to say that we have been dressing windows since long before we began installing glass. If we were to break window...

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Solera vs Vignette Shades: Best Option For Florida Homes

When you think about the sunny South Florida climate, one of the things that immediately come to mind is the amount of natural light we are blessed with all year. If your windows are exposed to direct sunlight, curtains by themselves may not be the right treatment. In this case, shades are more adequate, and...

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Tropical Shades For Beach Houses

Tropical Shades For Your Beach House in Florida

Coastal architecture is not limited to beachfront homes. In South Florida, we are blessed with canals, lagoons, bayous, rivers, lakes, ponds, and creeks that provide nice views of the water, and this is why the most popular architectural styles are of the coastal kind. Mediterranean revival, Cape Cod, Caribbean, and Key West homes often feature...

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Blinds vs Shades: Which is Better For Florida Homes

Blinds vs Shades: Which Is Better for Florida Homes?

Blinds versus shades is a debate that’s raged for nearly as long as window treatments have existed. Since many homeowners in Florida would like to block out a little sun and possibly save some energy in the process, this friendly rivalry has become very important for those who live in the Sunshine State. Depending on...

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Types of Hunter Douglas Soft Shades

Types of Soft Window Treatment Styles

What Is Soft Window Treatments? Soft Window treatments are window coverings made from soft textiles and fabric. For example, Roman Shades, Drapes, Swags, Sheers, Valances, and Curtains are all considered soft window treatments because they are smooth to the touch.  At Reef Window Treatments, we are experts when it comes to window treatments. We believe...

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Hunter Douglas High Quality Shades

The Difference Between Hunter Douglas Applause and Duette

It is believed that the kind of light that you invite into your space can affect the quality and feel of your home environment. This is why we dedicate ourselves to make room darkening and light filtering window treatments for a wide selection of shaped windows. Our window treatments are designed with the latest science...

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Sheer Shades in Miami

Top Three Sheer Shades for Your Miami Home

If you live in beautiful sunny Miami Beach, then you know just how important Miami sun shades can be for keeping your home cool and comfortable. All of South Florida has some very bright sunshine that can be responsible for fading everything from your furniture to your carpets. It can also cause your home to...

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