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What Do Double Blinds Mean? How Do Double Blinds Work?

If you hear the term double-blind, then chances are you think of some kind of sales study as opposed to upscale window treatments. Double blinds from Hunter Douglas are actually designed to use two different pieces of material to provide a greater degree of privacy and comfort compared to many traditional types of blinds. Double...

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Striped Window Blinds

Do your current window blinds look tired or out of date? If they do, then you might want to look into some striped window blinds. These add visual texture to your windows and a unique feel that can help redefine how one of your rooms looks. Before you go any further with these choices, you’ll...

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How To Measure Windows For Blinds And Shades

Window treatments have been around since ancient times. Archeologists in the Egyptian Valley of the Pyramids have found pictographs and hieroglyphics depicting shutters and blinds for interior and exterior openings, so it is safe to say that we have been dressing windows since long before we began installing glass. If we were to break window...

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Blinds vs Shades: Which is Better For Florida Homes

Blinds vs Shades: Which Is Better for Florida Homes?

Blinds versus shades is a debate that’s raged for nearly as long as window treatments have existed. Since many homeowners in Florida would like to block out a little sun and possibly save some energy in the process, this friendly rivalry has become very important for those who live in the Sunshine State. Depending on...

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Places to Install Mini Blinds

3 Places to Install Custom Mini Blinds

The purpose of window blinds is the same no matter how big or small they are. In the case of mini blinds, they are window treatments for smaller frames that allow you to regulate the amount of light, visibility, and privacy. When it comes to dressing up small windows, you do not have to settle...

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Window Blinds For Restaurants in Florida

Window Blinds Ideas for Restaurants in Florida

Matching the type of blinds you need with your specific restaurant layout largely depends on how your restaurant is laid out. A casual place with a small dining room might be able to get away with the most basic blinds while an eatery with private dining for individual parties will probably need to use the...

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Exterior Blinds For Homes With Blinds

Exterior Blinds For Homes With Gardens

The most pleasant home gardens in South Florida provide generous shade to homeowners and their guests, and they do so with exterior blinds. At Reef Window Treatments, we specialize in beautiful window coverings for the home. We believe light to be the most important element in any given space, this is why we design and...

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Motorized Blinds For Residence

Automated Blinds for Miami Residences

At Reef Window Treatments, we pride ourselves in offering window coverings with the modern technology to create an energy-efficient home, filter out UV rays with contemporary & stylish designs that will compliment your interior décor in the best ways.  We have been in business for over 16 years, providing excellency to South Florida’s residences. As...

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Wooden Blinds For Home Interior

Interior Wooden Window Shutters for 2020

Reef Window Treatments is Miami’s favorite go-to for shutters, blinds, drapes, roller shades and more. We specialize in modern motorized blinds to go along with your smart home and classic shutters for those who prefer the traditional style among others.  Wood shutters have been around ever since we started constructing houses. Nature has always given...

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Vertical Blinds From Hunter Douglas

While your privacy is important to you, the chances are good that you leave your windows open at least a few times a week. Whether you want to take advantage of the nice weather outside or just enjoy a cool breeze, you don’t think twice about popping open those windows.  Each time that you open...

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